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Trotwood Restoration: Rotten Realization

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Adventures in the Trotwood Restoration:

It’s obvious to us now just how naive we were when we brought the camper home.  We thought this is great we just need to clean her up a bit and hit the road.  Well, rather quickly we learned that this would not be the case.  Remember the blood, sweat, and tears I told you about?  It all started when we decided to try to knock out a small dent out on the front panel of the camper.  We unscrewed the metal, lifted it up, and…ahhhhhh…. rotten wood came crumbling to the ground right before our eyes.  We really should not have been surprised.  The camper is 45 years old and it had been stored in a cornfield except for the time spent cheering for the Indianapolis Colts.  But, we were surprised and it was crystal clear the campers inaugural trip was going to be postponed a while.  We slowly but surely totally rebuilt the entire front and back end with treated lumber.  We have taken out all the windows, re-screened and re-sealed them, and all of the window cranks have been replaced.  We are now working on prep for the exterior paint.  Until next time!

Save the Trotwood!

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Just over one year ago we set out on a great adventure in completely unknown territory.  Vintage Camper Restoration!  We had been looking and looking for the right, affordable, vintage, camper that we could rescue and preserve.  Persistence and patience led us to our 1968 Trotwood “Sunchaser.”  As you can see, our camper was the ultimate Colts fan.  Her primary purpose was to provide shelter and beer storage for Colts tailgating parties.  While this is awesome fun, and we are huge Colts fans, we have other ideas for our Trotwood’s future.

Camper21968 Trotwood

One step at a time we are bringing her back.  We have learned a ton, dedicated countless hours, and literally blood, sweat and tears. We have enjoyed spending every minute of the process together.  These pictures represent the very beginning.  We will show you the entire process through pictures.  SO…follow us on this journey to Save the Trotwood!

We can’t wait to get her back on the road chasing the sun.


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